New painting in the works


Gimme danger, little stranger
And I’ll give you a piece
Gimme danger, little stranger
And I’ll feel your disease

There’s nothing in my dreams
Just some ugly memories
Kiss me like the ocean breeze

Now if you will be my lover
I will shiver insane
But if you can be my master
I will do anything

There’s nothing left to life
But a pair glassy eyes
Raise my feelings one more time

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Magic Is Real
This wizard is hard-core. Magically leaping into the air to get his true message across. Also check out his sneakers. This is one hip wizard.

Robot Monster
New toy
Dale Chihuly glass gardens
Dale Chihuly glass gardens
@bc1980 bought me a Camila Rose Garcia print from Roc La Rue Gallery today… Best husband ever!
Cheesecake Factory with @bc1980 in Seattle